Tuesday, 18 February 2014

January house values in Spain

TINSA one of Spain’s largest Valuation companies report on the evolution of house prices in Spain on the second Tuesday of each Month.

January 2013 house price data

Whilst the data is taken from a small pool of valued properties within the month the TINSA report is a good general indication of what is happening to prices of residential properties across Spain.
January showed another month of declines per meter squared across all regions but the decline has slowed significantly from where we were a year ago.

Which regions of Spain showed the smallest sale price declines

Coastal areas and the Islands of the Balearics and the Canaries held up better than the Metropolitan and City areas.

In support of this information on prices, in the region of Malaga house sales were made up of 35% of foreign buyers in comparison to 17% when looking at a national figure.

There is both tangible and anecdotal evidence that those buying in Spain from the international markets is increasing and that this is having a positive effect on both number of sales made and the sale price which can be achieved.

Can we expect an upturn in prices 

Whilst asking prices are not being met, for those selling in Spain willing to accept realistic offers property is starting to move again.

Prices per square meter are now below levels of 2004 and knocking on the door of 2003 and 2002 prices.

We may see small but steady growth in prices toward the back end of 2014 and a stabilization of prices in the first 6 months.

Read the full article : Spanish house price index


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