Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sales and transfers of property Spain February 2014.

House sales February

The monthly data taken from land registries in Spain showed another month of declines in property sales both in terms of a month on month basis and a year on year basis.

The data taken at Land Registry can apply to sales signed at Notary for up to three months before so the information is a little historic in its nature probably more reflecting how many properties sold in the months of November 2103 and December 2013 than actual sales in February.

What type of property is selling in Spain

The data does not breakdown what types of property are selling or at what prices, although it does breakdown the numbers by Region.

To understand in more detail what is happening in the property sales market, information needs to be gained from Estate Agents and Lawyers offering legal services to buyers. Both of these professions report an upturn in activity from foriegn buyers which is most profound at the middle to luxury end of the market.

A genuine belief Spanish luxury property now provde good value for money and improved currency exchange against the Euro is all helping in attracting new buyers.

What regions are performing best

By far the Region of Spain outperforming the rest of the market is the Canary Islands. Whilst all other regions showed a decrease in sales for February the Canaries actually showed a month on montyh and year on year increase.

Other well known tourist and holiday home areas apart from Andalucia also performed above the average.

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