Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Transfer of Property and House sales data for Spain

November 2013 property transfer data was issued yesterday

What was the trend for November 

November showed another month of declines in both the total trasnfer of property rights and the sales of residential property.

Sales of homes were down both year on year and month on month a trend seen throughout the whole of 2013. The drop in sales of new builds was higher than that of resales but this will partially be due to the increase in 2012 of sales within the last two months of the year as those buying in Spain brought forward purchases to beat the deadline for the discounted IVA.

Is there any growth in House sales in Spain

The Canary Islands, perhaps reflecting that non resdients are still buying in Spain has showed an increase in house sales both month on month and annually. Other Coastal areas are down but by lower amounts than the cities and other regions.

Do Bank respossessions figure in the data

Spanish Banks continue to take over properties from defaulted Spanish Mortgages at an increased pace. Under the "Other Title" section of the report which includes transfer of property rights to Banks the levl of transfers is now nearly as high as the level of overall sales.

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