Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Visa applications for Spain

What were the changes to Visa application rules in Spain in 2013

Back in 2013 the Spanish Government announced changes to and a relaxation of the requirments for a non EU National to apply for a residency Visa in Spain.

Aimed predominatley at the Chinese, Russian and Indian market the legislation allowed for an application to live in Spain to be made by the buying of an asset of a value in excess of € 500k.

What types of Visa are available

Broadly thereare three types of Visa an applicant can apply for and the process of application is different for each one. You can apply for a lucrative, non lucrative and working Visa. A Spanish Lawyer can prepare the necessary paperwork and assist throughout the process, including legal support for buying in Spain.

In general it is expected that most applicants will apply for a non lucrative Visa which requires that an asset is bought, but does not allow for other fiscal activity to take place. Any property bought can have a Spanish mortgage but the cash input from the applicant must be at least € 500k.

What is the process of application

Before an application can be made the applicant must demonstrate they have met the requirements as laid down in the legislation. This means any asset, business or work contract must first be secured.

Firstly a permit to travel is granted and after that a visit to Spain to secure the residents card must be made.

How long do the Visas last

Initially the residents Visa is for one year. Each year the holder may re-apply to extend the card and must at that point show that the basis on which the Visa was first granted remains in place.

The applicant will become a fiscal resident in Spain and must pay Spanish taxes on all worldwide incomes.

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