Monday, 26 May 2014

IMS Lawyers attend Luxury property show in China

The joint venture of IMS SL and Aguera and Arrebola Lawyers from Marbella visited Beijing in May to promote Spain.

What is happening in Beijing

In all parts of China now regular exhibitions are run promoting countries across the world for investment and Visas to the Chinese.

Spain made changes last year to the Visa requirements  allowing a residency Visa for non EU nationals who buy a property in Spain for in excess of € 500 along with other means of gaining a residency permit.

Whilst many other countries offer and have done for sometime now options to the Chinese few others provide the lifestyle and European access that Spain can offer.

What do IMS do in China

IMS offer the Chinese market a tailormade service based on the individuals specification. The service spans from sourcing a suitable purchase via the Estate Agent, Developer or Bank networks through to all the legal aspects of buying in Spain, living in Spain, visiting Spain and residency permits. 

Both the show and the stand of IMS property and legal Services were well attended with the Chinese wanting information about Spain and the options it can provide.

Lucia Aguera the lawyer in attendance was well recieved by the Embassy staff for Spain who supported the show to promote Spain.   

Read the full article : IMS goes to Beijing

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