Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sales of residential properties in Spain rise in April

Yesterday the transfer of property rights for April in Spain was published.

What were the key facts for April

Overall property transfers fell in April but this was because of a drop in the transfer of property groups outside of dwellings.

The sale of homes increased by just over 5% and was driven mainly by an increase in the number of sales in Barcelona, Madrid, Balearics and the Canary Islands.

Andalucia region remained the region with the highest number of overall property transfers but showed no growth in April in the sale of residential property. Whilst foreign buyers appear to be more active again this could be caused by a lack of purchase activity with Spanish Nationals in the region.

Are the statistics starting to show an overall improvement for 2014

2014 is showing strong signs of an improving market. Spanish Lawyers are reporting more incidences of sellers in Spain taking increased offers after agreeing a price with another buyer. Generally this happening in the two major Cities and the Balearics where quality homes are more scarce.

Foreign buyers looking to buy in Spain are feeling more confident about the bottom market being reached this year and a general improvement in mortgage facilities is also helping.

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